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How the divorce process works in California

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Divorce

No California couple gets married thinking that they’re going to divorce. However, divorce is a very real and emotionally taxing thing that many individuals go through.

After you’ve come to the decision that you want a divorce, you may have questions about what comes next. There are a few steps that happen in addition to the mental, financial, and emotional preparation you might do.

Filing for divorce

The first step to a divorce is to file with the court. Only one spouse has to do this, but both spouses can file if they want to. After this, the other spouse is notified and given a chance to respond to the filing within 30 days.

After you file, for a the divorce, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are required by the California government to go over your financial information. The person served with the divorce papers must be involved with this process if they want the court to approve an agreement should the case go to trial.

Timeline for the divorce

Before any trials begin, you’ll negotiate permanent custody agreements and settlements for things like child support and alimony. If the couple is all on the same page, this can be a quick process handled in mediation. If there are disagreements, the divorce then goes to trial for the court to make final decisions.

It can take an average of twelve months for the divorce to be fully completed, depending on how well the spouses work together. The divorce process can be tedious, but it’s important to take your time and be willing to negotiate for the process to go smoothly.