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4 things for parents to consider before divorce

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Divorce

The most common concern for parents in California who want to get a divorce is how the end of the marriage will impact their children. There’s certainly no getting around the fact that your divorce will impact your children, but you and your ex can still work together to provide a healthy life for them. Before you go through with your divorce, consider these four factors that impact your children.

Other recent losses

Children and adults who go through a divorce endure a grieving process. However, children aren’t quite as capable of compartmentalizing as adults are. With that in mind, consider other recent losses in your children’s lives, including the loss of a grandparent or even a pet.

Parental attachment

It’s common for children to experience a closer attachment to one parent than the other. However, these attachments typically switch between parents. If your child has a closer attachment to their other parent, consider how they will feel about only seeing that parent half the time. In ideal situations, children are equally attached to both parents. When that’s the case, committing to a shared custody agreement can make things easier for the children.

Economic stability

While children don’t understand all the details of your finances, your divorce will impact their economic stability if both you and your ex have jobs. Family law courts typically ensure that both parents are financially capable of meeting their children’s basic needs. However, there are other financial factors to consider, such as extracurricular activities and extras that they’re used to.

Their age

While older children often experience more emotional outbursts during and after a divorce, they can better understand what’s going on. Your children’s age will directly impact how you explain the end of your marriage to them.

There is no way to completely shield your children from the impact of divorce. However, you can work with your ex to create a healthy new normal for your kids.