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Help coping with separation and divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Divorce

Dealing with a separation or divorce in California can be highly challenging. It doesn’t necessarily matter the reason for it. Divorce can turn a person’s world upside down and make it difficult to get through their daily activities productively. However, there are steps that a person can take to get through the complex, challenging adjustments that come with divorce.

Understanding feelings are normal

Feelings of frustration, exhaustion, confusion and sadness are expected in the aftermath of separation and divorce. There is often a feeling of anxiety about the future. Accepting the reactions and understanding that, with time, they will likely lessen is crucial in healing. Even if the marriage was not the happiest or the healthiest, it’s natural to fear stepping into the unknown alone.

Build a support mechanism

Sharing your feelings with family and friends can make it easier to get through this change. Support groups allow you to interact with others dealing with similar situations. When a person isolates themselves during divorce, it can raise stress and minimize their ability to concentrate. There is no shame in getting outside help when needed.

Prioritize physical and emotional care

Take care of yourself mentally and physically. This means setting aside time for exercise, eating and relaxation. As much as possible, attempt to maintain everyday routines. For many people, making big decisions or significant life plans is not a good idea in the aftermath of a divorce. Substances like drugs, alcohol and tobacco are not typically an excellent way to cope. They can lead to more significant problems.

It can be challenging to think positively after a divorce or separation. But finding a sense of routine in your life after such a significant change is vital. Be flexible. If you have children, family traditions, although adjusted, can be key to creating a sense of normality.

Finally, remember that life will get back to normal. It just might be that the new normal is slightly different than what you had initially hoped.